• Ballrooms & Cannons Sampler (2012)

  • Listen to a few tracks off our 2012 full-length “Ballrooms & Cannons” above, or scamper on over to  iTunes and check out the whole thing.

    Our 2009 EP “Come On Let’s Disappear” can be streamed in its entirety (or downloaded) below.

    the applicant

    heard about your promises

    heard about your lies

    the sunken wreck of another ship

    who saw your bedroom light

    but I just want to show you a good time


    heard about your politics

    your lipstick, red wine

    I met the fan club president

    your weekend satellite

    but I just want to show you a good time


    So tell me…

    Tell me that you’re lonely just like me


    Its getting late and the party crowd

    is moving single file

    another victim writes your number down

    and everybody smiles

    but I just want to show you a good time


    So tell me…




    I tried to find you

    Before I left the bout

    You were somewhere in the crowd

    To tell you I’ve missed those days

    But especially that winter

    And I’d see you on Saturday

    For your astronaut-themed dinner


    Then I saw you kiss that boy

    Outside the VIP room

    And it was all I could do to walk on through

    But then I knew that I

    Could never stop by

    Cause it was all a reminder of things that change

    When you never want them to


    Then we rowed upstream flanked by shores of green

    I wade through the details send the revival cue

    And the bottles of wine on the porch with the vines

    At the old house on 45th avenue

    Where the rain drenched our clothes

    Our bikes on the road began to slip and falter and showed

    No sign of stability

    Cause you were with me

    But you weren’t with me then

    And the memories play to a melody made in the songs

    From those days

    I had a past and you had a future

    Words I never said could not provide suture

    To the holes in you


    diamond ring


    I need to hear your words

    I need to know you love me

    singing like a bird

    hovering above me


    Oh. I don’t want to know


    I don’t want to go to bed

    why wont you take my call?

    this letter isn’t helping

    its not helping me at all


    Oh. I don’t want to know


    and I would never

    I could never

    you said “never criticize”

    Your big fat diamond ring


    Winter is so cold

    the furniture is gone

    blue label kind of bold

    I am barely holding on


    Oh. I don’t want to know


    I haven’t really changed

    so was it really me?

    it takes two to play the game

    but only one of us agrees


    Oh. I don’t want to know


    I would never

    I could never

    You said “never criticize”

    Your big fat diamond [fucking] ring




    I know your name is just a string of letters

    And this is all just biology


    Paper Ships


    I’m feeding out the line on tens of tens of ropes

    Attached to all my friends to whom in time I haven’t spoke

    But I too am hooked to all their cables and their lines

    I can feel the tension slackening; they’re not reeling in this time

    And now I’m sifting through the twine in my hands

    One of these was yours, these frayed strands


    This mattress remembers your print

    And this bed, it misses everyone who’s ever been in it

    There were days when this house felt a little more busy

    Now the words from your lips masquerade as paper ships

    Whose decks just fell the below the waterline too slow

    Cause they couldn’t hold the cargo of a boy


    Who hadn’t learned yet just how to think about the past

    Especially the good parts, the upstarts, the undivided hearts

    And the motels and apartment doorbells

    Before we’d just walk in

    Caroline, let’s feel that way again


    If you dig your heels in just right

    Pull hard enough you just might

    Be able to hold on

    To the ones that aren’t gone yet

    Cause they were leaving you I bet

    Like severing the castanets

    Caroline, you’ll still shine